Here at Lasting Impressions we offer multiple services including: Screen printing, embroidery, digital printing and laser engraving. Below is a description of each process, listing the pros & cons for each decoration method.


Screen Printing is a process of decorating material with a stenciled design made from a fine mesh screen. A separate screen is made for each color within the design. Ink is then pressed through the holes in the mesh which transfers the design from the screen onto a material. 

  • Minimum of 24 pieces for a new order.
  • Minimum of 12 for repeat orders.
  • Fine detail and small letters reproduce well.
  • The size of the design doesn’t affect the cost.
  • Pricing is based on the number of colors in your design. 
  • Designs with 4 or more colors can get expensive.
  • Printing on colored garments requires a white base coat, this extra step is counted as another color within your design as it requires an additional screen to be made.
  • Garments must be purchased through lasting impressions. We cannot screen print on garments provided by the customer. 


Embroidery has a more upscale appeal than screen printing, which makes it a popular choice for corporate apparel and on polos. 

  • Pricing is based on the stitch count, which is affected by the size and complexity of your design. 
  • Embroidery is generally more expensive than screen printing.
  • No Minimum quantity required for an Embroidery order. 
  • We can embroider on a garment you bring in.
  • It’s difficult to achieve color blends or shading.
  • Large or complicated designs can be very expensive.
  • Embroidery cannot capture fine detail or very small letters.


Digital Printing is a process of decorating material with a four-color process printer. The digital printing process is faster than screen printing because it does not require individual silk screens to be made for each color, rather a digital art file is sent directly from the computer to the printer. Digital printing is best for designs that have a high amount of detail, and orders of a smaller quantity. Pricing is based on the size of your design.


Laser Engraving is a process of decorating material with an intense beam of light to etch the surface of an object. A laser blasts away the top layer of material to reveal the material that resides underneath.